“Man Down!”: Bone Collector Victimizes Floyd Mayweather With Ankle Breaking Crossover

Bone Collector caught a new body, and his name is Floyd Mayweather.

There’s no denying that Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time. An undefeated champion and defensive master, Floyd was the king of every ring he stepped into during his career.

But that defensive ability extends only as far as the ropes, and definitely not on to the basketball court as evidenced by the ankle breaking, “man down” move he was a victim of recently.

Last night, Floyd participated in a charity basketball game in LA and went up against Bone Collector, an AND1 Mixtape legend. As you can guess, there’s a reason why they call him Bone Collector, and if Mayweather didn’t know why, he figured it out quickly last night.

Rob Villanueva® Creator on Twitter

What did I just witness??? @BoneCollector23 vs. @FloydMayweather ? ? ⛸️ @50KCharityChal #50kcharitychallenge https://t.co/0FObm4bQSU

Let’s look at that killer crossover that put Floyd down from another angle.

Aidan on Twitter

@FloydMayweather getting SNAPPED by @BoneCollector23 https://t.co/KDqTMbTEUR

“It’s the first time I’ve ever been dropped!” exclaimed Floyd, after joining the other victims resting in Bone Collector’s graveyard.

Floyd laughed it off, but the internet will always remember, so Mayweather might want to stay off of the hardwood for a little while.

And by the way, Bone Collector nailed the three-pointer. Rest peacefully, Floyd.

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