Five Things Black NFL Fans Want For Christmas

The Black folks that I talk to in the barbershops, on social media and on the corner by the bodega, are all hoping that Diddy can buy the Carolina Panthers and become the NFL’s first African-American majority owner. Most of these optimists don’t fully understand the intricate process involved in purchasing an NFL team, but they do know that when it comes to Black people in America, Diddy is as rich, famous and successful as it gets. He’s a Black superhero and we don’t ever count those types of brothers out. 

Despite the ridicule of some racist cornballs, once Diddy’s Panthers pursuit hit the Twittersphere, people such as WFAN morning host Boomer Esiason have been laughing it off. In the streets – where the people live – there is an optimism that is engulfing Black America similar to when Obama hit the political scene. If I sat on Santas knee and asked The Big Homie for anything, it would be for an African-American majority owner in the NFL. If it was Diddy, he’d probably rename the team, The Black Panthers of Carolina.

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Official Trailer

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Lets get greedy and add Steph Curry, the NBAs most popular player and No. 1 jersey hustler into the mix. To make it the best Christmas ever, Kaepernick will get his reparations through minority ownership in the franchise. Carolina automatically becomes Black Americas team. 

J. R Gambler on Twitter

Diddy Going For The Gusto

2. If I cant get the ownership gift because I’ve been more naughty than nice this year, then how about a job for Kaepernick and a Super Bowl ring in 2018? 

Bust the scenario: Tom Brady gets a three-game suspension for association with a trainer that has been accused of using controversial methods of wellness. The said trainer is implicated in the use of illegal performance enhancers in his training and an investigation is opened on Brady. Brady is suspended for the playoffs pending the investigation. The Hoodie signs Kaepernick as a backup. The Patriots win their opening-round playoff game behind the play of Brian Hoyer who tears an ACL in practice, thrusting Kaepernick into the starting position. Kaepernick wins the Divisional Playoff game, the AFC Conference Championship and defeats the NFC Champion in Super Bowl LI. 

3. The NFL began this season with eight minority head coaches the Chargers Anthony Lynn, Denvers Vance Joseph, Cincinnatis Marvin Lewis, Pittsburghs Mike Tomlin, Detroits Jim Caldwell, Clevelands Hue Jackson, the Jets Todd Bowles and Carolinas Ron Rivera. Last January was a glorious time for diversity in the league as it announced that it would have the most minority coaches to ever start a season. There were also eight minorities coaching NFL teams in 2011. Joseph was highly touted and his team’s failure this season has come as a shock to everyone, but one season doesn’t make a career. 

Broncos introduce Vance Joseph

Watch the highlights from Vance Joseph’s introductory press conference as the new head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Some of these head coaches have found success and a few have had terrible seasons. The rumor mill is swirling that Black Friday will be just that for African-American head coaches. If Santa could do the hood a solid and find a way for NFL teams to retain Lewis, Joseph, Bowles, Caldwell and Jackson for another season that would be a nice gift under the NFL diversity tree. Just as the number of minority coaches was approaching double digits for the first time in history, now we may be looking at less than five entering next season. 

4. I know Im getting greedy Santa, but if you could find a way to have Janet Jackson crash Justin Timberlakes Super Bowl party, Id probably never ask for anything again. Its a long shot, but it would be epic and probably get Janets name percolating again. 

YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim says that the after effects of Super Bowl XXXVIIIs halftime shocker was what led to the creation of the video sharing website. The incident also made “Janet Jackson” the most searched term, event and image in internet history, as well as the most searched person and term of 2004 and 2005, breaking the record for “most searched event over one day.” 

5. The NFL should ink a deal with Cardi B to provide all NFL pre-game playoff promos. Why? Because shes the hottest thing going in music these days, she got her start as a viral sensation on social media, shes from the BX and her song Bodak Yellow struck a chord with young America, crossed every racial line imaginable and hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Shes the greatest rags to riches story going in the game and shes the 2018 Dominican, Hip-Hop, hood version of Gloria Estefan. If we all cant get Cardi B under our Christmas Tree, then seeing her do her thing with the NFL is props to a growing Latino NFL fan base and will definitely keep those eyes glued on NFL games on Christmas Day. 

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