Family Of Breonna Taylor Killer Starts Crowdfunding Campaign To Secure An Easy Retirement

In a strange shifting of events, the family of the actual officer that the FBI says shot and killed 26-year-old Breonna Taylor has set up a crowd-fundraising campaign to secure a nest egg for his retirement.

Recent reports note that Detective Myles Cosgrove has signed up on GiveSendGo, a Christian version of GoFundMe, so that he can “purchase the remainder of his service time” from the department and retire. He states in the description of the campaign that his life has been interrupted since the tragic event. He says the current conditions of civil unrest and protest, has pushed him to decide on the safety of his family.

Further, it reads, “Myles’ reputation has been completely dismantled and the psychological trauma is something that he will have to cope with for the rest of his life.”

It also frames Breonna Taylor as not the only victim in this case… but… “a tool for an agenda that has no regard for the lives” that are currently being devastated by her death. HUH?

It says, “With regards to the media, nationally and locally, the Breonna Taylor case has been forged into a tool for an agenda that has no regard for the lives that are being destroyed. The result of that night was tragic for all involved, that is obvious. Any situation that results in the loss of human life is and should be considered a monumental travesty. As time has passed, as outrage has been made known, and as protests only continue to grow, it is our ongoing stance that creating a conversation that is both safe and rational is the only way to find a solution. We must create an atmosphere of progress for everyone. However, amidst this conversation, safety has proven difficult to come by for Myles and his family and we are, at this point, emotionally concerned for all parties involved.”

Of the $75,000 that is the set goal, the family has raised $21,312.