Ex-NCAA Enforcement Official Discusses Manziel, Won’t Stay In His Lane

Former NCAA enforcer Mark Jones is still yielding power to the institution. 

Jones told the San Antonio Express-News that if the Johnny Manziel autograph-for-pay speculation isn't resolved by the start of the season, the Aggies should sit their star quarterback so they don't risk having to vacate the wins he's involved in. 

It seems that Jones isn't the only one who feels this way. Michael Buckner, a Florida attorney who focuses on NCAA investigations, said there is no way A&M plays Manziel if there are questions about his eligibility. 

Notice how everyone bows down to the witch hunt and advises to run scared from the NCAA, that they will punish you retroactively if they get to the root of the matter. It ignores the possibility that Manziel could be "innocent" in all of this, as well as the fact that there doesn't seem to be much to the investigation so far. 

The Aggies hired outside legal counsel in the firm Lightfoot, Franklin and White, the same firm that helped Auburn in the Cam Newton investigation.