Ex-Laker Shannon Brown Arrested For Shooting At Potential Home Invaders

In another situation that makes you think, “Would this happen if he was white?” ex-Lakers guard Shannon Brown has been charged with aggravated assault after witnesses say he fired a rifle at two people who entered his Georgia home.

The house hunting couple told police that they believed his property was on the market because they saw a ‘for sale’ sign and his front door was open The couple said they announced their presence and heard a voice say ‘come in’

Brown allegedly then emerged with a rifle, causing the couple to exit and return to their car while he fired off five or six shots in their direction.

Brown told local police he thought someone was breaking into his house, which is totally valid. It’s quarantine and the world is shut down and 33 million Americans are jobless.


The alleged incident occurred around 6pm on May 2 when a man and woman stopped at Brown’s residence in Tyrone, Georgia believing that his home was for sale. There was a ‘for sale’ sign outside the house, the couple told police, adding that the gate and front door were both open.

Police did recover a shell casing at the scene. The investigation is ongoing and the house, which is worth over $1million dollars, is not currently on the market, according to local real estate websites.

So why did he get arrested for protecting his home in a pandemic crisis? He’s a former NBA player worth millions first of all. Secondly, his house WAS NOT FOR SALE!

You can’t take those kinds of chances these days.

Brown is a two-time NBA champion, who found a spot with the Kobe Bryant-led Lakers after bouncing around the NBA Developmental league. The 6-foot-4 guard was a major contributor to Kobe’s last two titles.

The 34-year-old made $17,482,774 in nine NBA seasons and once had a high profile relationship with superstar singer Monica. The property of his home is valued at $1 million as of 2018.

Brown will probably get off, but the fact that he was arrested for discharging a legal firearm after two strangers approached his home and then ran when he pulled out the shotty, is comical. The house hunters should have been arrested and then released after explaining their side of the story.

Black men have the right to protect their homes — same as anyone else. Black men are entitled to brandish legal firearms the same as anyone else. I mean, it took the McMichaels family two months, a sickening murder video and tremendous public pressure, including a tweet from LeBron James to even be arrested for hunting down Ahmaud Arbery.

Let’s see where this story leads us.

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