Eric Murdock Warned Rutgers He’d Bring Mike Rice Down

When somebody has beef with you, it’s probably wise to make sure they don’t have any dirt on you. If they do, listen to their demands. Mike Rice’s first mistake was his abusive behavior towards student-athletes. His second was not taking then-assistant coach Eric Murdock's threats seriously last June when he demanded his contract be renewed. Instead, Rice decided not to renew his contract and the rest is history.

Via USA Today Sports:

In a 14-minute, profanity-laced tirade in the Rutgers men's basketball office the day before his contract expired, Eric Murdock threatened "to tell the God's honest truth about Mike Rice," accused the head coach of treating players "like slaves" and shed new light on the nature of his departure from the program.

Audio of the outburst, obtained and posted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, offers a view into the falling out between Rice and Murdock, a Bridgewater resident who spent two years as the Scarlet Knights' director of player development before his contract was not renewed. Murdock followed up on his threat by providing ESPN with a video montage of Rice mistreating players during practice, which created a national firestorm that led to the ouster of Rice and athletics director Tim Pernetti.

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