EPIX, NFL Films Present “NFL: The Grind”

EPIX® and NFL Films will be grinding it out this fall.

In an announcement over the weekend, the two have come together to bring you “inside some of the new stories of professional football as the NFL 100 season progresses” with the debut of the new weekly series, “NFL: The Grind.”

Bringing together some of the most impactful voices in the league over the past two decades, the series will bring fans closer to the game through perspectives that only these amazing players could describe.

Pro Football Hall of Famers Brett Favre, Charles Woodson and Terrell Owens, along with legendary stars such as DeMarcus Ware, Chad Johnson, Clinton Portis and Michael Vick will be bringing you these unique stories like never before.

“Our goal with NFL: The Grind is to present fans with deeper insight and a more unique point of view of storytelling than they have seen during the NFL season.” said Michael Wringht, President, EPIX, in the show’s release. “These legendary personalities will bring insight, access and perspective to the stories they will be part of that can’t be manufactured; it will be authentic, real and passionate as they have walked in the shoes of the athletes and coaches they will be talking to, and have gone through the up’s and down’s of a career on the gridiron themselves.”

“No one knows the NFL like it’s former superstars, and we’re excited to bring these NFL legends back to where they feel most comfortable – onto the sidelines, into the locker rooms and up close and personal with ‘The Grind’ of the 2019 NFL season,” said Ken Rodgers, NFL Films Vice President, Senior Coordinating Producer.

Hosted by Rich Eisen, “NFL: The Grind” premiers on EPIX on Wednesday, September 11 at 9pm EST, and will run for 17 episodes, covering the entire 2019 NFL season.

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