“This Dude Is A Major Trash Talker” | Suns Star Bradley Beal Reportedly Got Embarrassed By Ranked High School Player And Wanted To Fight

After 11 NBA seasons three-time All-Star was dealt to the Phoenix Suns. With the offseason in full effect, Beal and other stars are making the rounds attending different camps and playing in pickup summer league games.

Beal recently returned to his hometown of St. Louis to be a special guest at Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum’s annual summer camp.

Beal has long been a mentor of Tatum’s so it’s no surprise that he would show up back in their hometown for his little bro. 

During, Tatum’s camp, Beal reportedly got into it with 2025 No. 2 prospect Cooper Flagg during a heated game of one-on-one. Per former NBA player Brian Scalabrine, who’s now a radio broadcaster for the Celtics, things got heated as Flagg was taking it to Beal. 

Did Beal Cuss Out Flagg?

“I heard a rumor that my boy Cooper Flagg was at Jayson Tatum’s camp and he was busting Bradley Beal one-on-one, and Brad got mad at him. Started cussing him out,” Scalibrine said. “This dude is a major trash talker. … So I guess the rumor is that Brad Beal and him were squaring off one-on-one and Brad Beal was taking it lightly. It’s a high school kid. Then Cooper started giving it to him. And I guess the rumor is Cooper started talking trash and Bradley Beal got mad. Really mad.”
While it’s a rumor, it wouldn’t be all that surprising with how Flagg plays. He’s one of the top prospects in the 2025 class for a reason, and he has the game to back up all his trash talking. 

Flagg Is Believed To Be Next Up

Standing 6 feet 8, with elite athleticism and tons of swagger, Flagg dominated the competition at last month’s Nike Peach Jam. There he led Maine to a 4-0 record in pool play averaging 25.4 points, 13.0 rebounds, and 5.7 assists. Where he really showed out was with his 6.9 blocks per game as well. 

One scout told Heavy Sports, “He will be the No. 1 pick. It is just a matter of  what year he comes in. But even if he were to get hurt or something, he’d probably still go No. 1.”

Flagg is ranked only behind Cameron Boozer in the class of 2025. Boozer is the son of former NBA player Carlos Boozer. 

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