Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley Reuniting With Billy Rosewood In ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Series Pilot

Hollywood is really in need of some new ideas. Almost 20 years after Beverly Hills Cop III, Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold will reunite for the film series' television spinoff pilot according to The Wrap:

Judge Reinhold, who played by-the-book detective William "Billy" Rosewood in the "Beverly Hills Cop" movie series, has signed on for a cameo in CBS's "Beverly Hills Cop" pilot, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

Reinhold will reprise the role of Rosewood — who has scored a big promotion from his old job. Murphy, who is serving as a producer, will also appear in the pilot, reprising his Axel Foley role.

In the series, Foley's son is a Beverly Hills cop pursuing criminals among the rich and famous. Without purposely sounding like Kirk Lazarus, The Beverly Hills Cop series will mark the second time Brandon T. Jackson was tapped to play the son of a comedian playing a cop, after he portrayed Martin Lawrence's son disguised as an obese woman in the most recent (and hopefully, the conclusion) film in the Big Mama's House trilogy. If that's not the most blatant form of typecasting, I don't know what is. While we're wading in these waters and making folks feel old, Hollywood might as well greenlight a Trading Places sequel that deals with Billy Ray Valentine's life on Wall Street 30 years later.

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