Dwyane Wade Surprises Girl At Her Prom

In an era when being pissed at your home team seems encouraged, it’s become a surprise to find a player truly loved and supported by their local community. Dwyane Wade is one such player. South Florida fans are already thankful of the two NBA titles he’s helped bring them, but he does so much more. While waiting for the Eastern Conference Finals to start, he found time to surprise a local teen that asked him to be her prom date.  This guy is going to run for political office one day and he’s going to win.

From New York Newsday:

Muxo, who asked Wade to her Homecoming dance last year, even messaged the Heat star on Twitter with the ballroom's address just in case.

"When I got that I said I won't be doing nothing tomorrow night and I can go and make this a memorable moment for her," Wade said.

But Wade decided to play it cool first, calling her on the phone during the prom and telling her to have a fun night. When he hung up the phone, Wade walked in the door, dressed in a dark suit and sleek, red shoes with a bouquet of red roses.

"I was so surprised. I didn't expect it at all," said Muxo, who wore a strapless, gold sequined dress.

Muxo's date Laurent Chaumin was a good sport, referring to Wade as "Rico Suave."

Wade joked with Chaumin, complimented him on his outfit and thanked him join the couple as the third wheel.

The Heat star, who helped clinch and 94- 91 victory over the Chicago Bulls just two days earlier, also mingled with Muxo's family, posed for lots of pictures and squeezed in a dance with his date before heading home.

"Now I'm going to go ice my knee," he said.

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