Dwyane Wade Fractures Elbow, Done for the Year

Dwyane Wade fractured an elbow in the Chicago Bulls 98-81 loss to the Memphis last night. Wade said he heard “a couple of pops” in the elbow when the injury occurred. An MRI confirmed his worst fears. 

On the positive side, he will not require surgery and will be re-evaulated in a week. 

The Bulls currently sit at 32-36, and a just game out of the playoff hunt for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg said that the team will continue to make a postseason push. 

There is a small chance that Wade could return if the Bulls manage to get in to the postseason. 

Wade has a player option worth $23.8 million that he could sign to come back to the Bulls next year, or he could explore free agency options and look for a team that he could get another shot at a championship with. 

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