Dwyane Wade Won’t “Shut Up And Dribble” & Visits Stoneman Douglas HS

We have all seen and heard about the horrific events at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida where 18 people were murdered in a cowardly act of terrorism. Sympathy and emotions poured out for everyone affected and students took to the streets and the media across the country to fight for gun control and the right to be educated safely.

Among those who expressed his concern is Dwyane Wade, who was reunited with the Miami Heat a few weeks ago. Today, Wade paid a visit to the school and the kids showed nothing but love for him

The Shadow League on Twitter

Dwayne Wade showed up at Stoneman Douglas High School and was greeted warmly by the students. (: @Ryan_Deitsch) https://t.co/aBZGxiqv2p

The Shadow League on Twitter

Here is another angle of Dwyane Wade with the kids from Stoneman Douglas. https://t.co/T3CyYS5otV

Wade’s visit is a sharp contrast to the one the school received from Betsy DeVos, the United States Secretary of Education.

Denizcan James on Twitter

The Parkland kids are dunking on Betsy DeVos, who visited their school and I’m here for it.

With the hurt and sadness surrounding the school and community, it’s a good thing basketball players don’t simply “shut up and dribble.”

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