Driven: Victor Martinez

The Dominican Dominator is a fan favorite who means so much to so many.

Victor Martinez. The Dominican Dominator.

Most would think of a baseball player, one who dominates off the mound or crushes home run after home run. But professional bodybuilder from the Dominican Republic? Far from the first thought of those outside of the sport of bodybuilding. But for IFBB pro bodybuilder Victor Martinez, being far from the norm is something that he’s comfortable with.

DRIVEN: Victor Martinez Part 1

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Victor was born in DR and moved to Washington Heights in New York at an early age. He overcame the language barrier and the sometimes cruel culture of the streets to start on a journey towards an unexpected career, that of a pro bodybuilder. Originally wanting to be a New York City fireman, Victor’s love for the gym eventually pushed him in the direction of competing on stage, first as an amateur for seven years and then as a pro for the last fifteen years. Over this course of time he’s experienced personal heartbreak, tragedy, defeats and set backs that had the potential to push those with weaker spirits down a dark path. But Victor remained focused, facing his obstacles head on, eventually leading him to become the man that he is today- successful athlete and, more importantly, Father.

Driven: Victor Martinez, Part 2

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He has placed in the top ten in every one of the twenty six pro competitions he has competed in, including a second place finish this past Sunday at the NY Pro in Teaneck, NJ. With five children, great friends and family, sponsors like MHP and a loyal fan base all supporting and motivating him, Victor Martinez is more than a man who refuses to fail.

He’s the Dominican Dominator.

And he’s Driven.

To learn more about Victor “The Dominican Dominator” Martinez, check him out at

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