Driven- King Mo Defined, Part 2

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King Mo speaks from the heart. He is a man that expresses his beliefs proudly and with great conviction.

“My image matters but I like to keep it real. I can’t go to bed knowing that I was fake. If something bugs me I speak out. My momma taught me that- don’t hold your tongue if something is out there and you don’t like it. Say something. Like the Clippers; could you imagine if them players didn’t do nothing if they went there and played normally? That’s why to me, Michael Jordan was a great athlete, but he never said nothing. Ali, to me, is the greatest athlete of all time because Ali, socially, was out there and stood up for his rights, and as an athlete he did his thing.”

King Mo places his next opponent Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in the same category as Michael Jordan, the athlete willing to bask in the spotlight while neglecting his social voice.

“Rampage comes to my VIP (section) and tries to kick my boys out, he didn’t know it was my VIP but he was kind of disrespectful. He tried to play my boys and act like they were groupies when they was just happy to see a guy who came from the hood make it. But come to find out he done changed, it happens to you.  Does he give back? I don’t know what he does but to me I can tell when someone made it and changed.”

“I think that he doesn’t want to see any black fighter take his place. He had beef with Rashad (Evans). Name me one black fighter you see him kick it with besides Cheick Kongo? I feel like he wants to be the only black premiere fighter at the weight class or period. I feel like he’s a little jealous of certain people. It’s funny because people try to compare us and say, “Oh you’re trying to be like Rampage.” Me and Rampage are nothing alike. We might be outspoken a little bit but I feel like I’m a lot deeper as a person. He’s more Hollywood and about being goofy. People don’t laugh at me, they laugh with me. People laugh at him.”

This Saturday the two will finally meet in the cage on Bellator MMA’s first pay-per-view offering. The stakes have never been higher for both as this battle will decide who of the two is the top contender at Light Heavyweight to face current champion Emanuel Newton.

King Mo is ready for the fights that are waiting for him both inside and outside of the cage.

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