Draymond To Tristan: “We Are Not The Same”

When Pusha T reintroduced himself to the hip-hop community by basically exposing the difference between him as a real G and Drake as a fake representative of a changing hip-hop community, Pusha T basically let everyone know that despite Drakes overwhelming success as a celebrity, as men they are cut from a different cloth.  Pusha tried to take Drake to the deepest part of the abyss and see if he could come back up with his heart in tact. Drake chose to bow out half way down. 

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green basically did the same thing to Cleveland Cavs overpaid big man Tristan Thompson while being interviewed during the Warriors World Championship parade on Tuesday. 

The NBAs reigning Defensive Player of the Year,  wanted it to be known that although they are both solid players on championship-level squads, they are a different caliber of cat. 

Kristian Winfield on Twitter

We just cut from a different cloth. It’s a lot of guys in this league, they soft, we just cut from a different cloth … After the game he tried to shake my hand, I said Tristan we ain’t cut the same.” https://t.co/XYn5JHPRo5

Thats some strong words coming from Draymond, but I get his drift. Youll probably never seen him getting hooked up with a Kardashian or underperforming so miserably that everyone wonders if he is an NBA player at all. Thompson has been guilty of both and throughout the playoffs. His 2017 Finals performance was disgusting as well. Thompson seemed more preoccupied with responding to Greens bait and banter than providing LeBron with a solid No 2 option as evidenced by his foolish ejection in Game 1 of the Finals. 

gifdsports on Twitter

Tristan Thompson shoves Draymond Green after getting ejected…tells him to meet him after the game https://t.co/zUIRnaZuGr

Draymond is not one to hold his tongue, but he has made it clear that he doesnt like Thompson and won’t be inviting him over for a game of Fortnite any time in the near future. If this was a rap battle, then Draymond won it by winning the title and smashing Tristan at the parade and Im pretty sure theyll be  no response to follow. 

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