Doc Rivers Sees The Clippers As His Exit Strategy

Some people build things with their hands from scratch. Others are more comfortable improving upon the blueprints that have been laid out before them. Coaches like Larry Brown were the former. Phil Jackson and Pat Riley were the latter. You can now add Rivers to the Jackson and Riley class of coaches, who mold talented squads into championship squads. Over the course of their careers, Jackson and Riley made out like card counters in a casino and collected 16 c'hips between themselves. Like Jackson, Rivers will probably never be committed to a single franchise. He's all about maximizing his own ring count.

He endured a reconstruction period in Orlando during the early 2000's and obviously wasn't a fan. While the Celtics are heading for a rebuilding era, word is that Rivers has interest in the surging Los Angeles Clippers and the interest is mutual. As an added plus, the Clippers could give Rivers a chance to reunite with K.G. and Pierce on the West Coast. Rivers' coaching influence could be just what Chris Paul and his Clipper crew needs to get over the hump in the Western Conference.

This is all dependent on Paul though. If he spurns the Clippers, this is no longer an attractive job. Elgin Baylor's long gone, but I'm not so sure I completely trust the Clippers not to make a mess of a great situation. Either way, it's Rivers' choice to align himself with the Clippers stigma, instead of sticking with the Celtics prestige and hoping for a quick turnaround