DK Metcalf Gets Cold As Balls On Russell Wilson’s Good Guy Reputation While Waiting For The Seahawks To Do The Right Thing

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf might have skipped out on the team’s mandatory minicamp, but he made time to stop by Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls” show.

While the diminutive comedian sat in a cold tub next to the 6-foot-4, 220-pound receiver, the two discussed everything from Metcalf being the oldest of six to his relationship with former Seahawk Russell Wilson.

Hart prodded Metcalf by responding to him, saying Russell’s a good dude by saying Wilson is too good and tried to find the chinks in Wilson’s armor of positivity. However, Metcalf’s only story about the two arguing once resulted in more confirmation of Wilson’s undying happy outlook.

Cold As Balls

“We got to arguing one time, listen, after the argument he said, ‘I love you,” Metcalf said, laughing.

Hart co-signed, saying, “he’s so positive, positive, positive all the time.”

DK Metcalf explained how Wilson called him when the Seahawks drafted him. On the “KG Certified” podcast, he described being blindsided by Russell Wilson’s departure to the Denver Broncos; he never thought his QB would leave the Seattle Seahawks.

In fact, he learned about the possibility of a Wilson deal during a promo shoot for Gatorade, and within an hour, his quarterback was a Coloradan in exchange for players and picks.

Bad News Travels Fast

“I ain’t heard from Pete [Carroll] until later that night and John [Schneider] because they were probably busy with phone calls and everything,” Metcalf said to Garnett. “I never thought he was gonna leave Seattle. I was in just in shock because I didn’t think it was gonna happen.”

With the two having an electric chemistry on the field last season, connecting for 12 touchdowns, the Mississippi wideout truly didn’t see Wilson leaving.

“So, my mind was like, ‘All right, Russ gone, what do I do?’ Later that night, [linebacker] Bobby [Wagner] gets cut, and me and Bobby — that was my guy. When he left, that hurt. That was my big brother,” Metcalf continued.

The contract extension that will signal Metcalf’s return has yet to materialize entering the summer break. However, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll sounds optimistic that the potential for a deal to get done is possible.

Good News Comes Slow

“We’ve been through this for years, and we know it’s a challenging time,” Carroll told reporters at the close of the minicamp. “We’ve had so many high-profile guys that have gone through this process, and how’s that worked out for us? We’ve figured it out in time. Johnny (Schneider) is on it and he’s as experienced as you can get at handling this stuff.”

Heading into the 2022 season, Metcalf is in the final year of his rookie deal, paying him a base salary of $3,986,000. With other wide receivers like the Los Angeles Rams’ Cooper Kupp receiving a lucrative contract extensions this offseason — Kupp’s is worth a reported $80 million over three years with $75 million guaranteed — Carroll and the Seahawks are long overdue to show Metcalf the money.

“You got to go through it, so that’s just what it is, and our guys have to, too,” Carroll continued. “We have to go through it again and start all over fresh, knowing that it’s brand new for a kid and us like DK, and he’s a remarkable person.

“He’s a wonderful player, he has so much to offer the world, and I just don’t want him to miss this opportunity where we can’t figure it out; so we’ll do everything that we can.”

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