DJ Envy “Checks” Desus and Mero For Joking About His Wife

DJ Envy, a usually cool and calm Queens-bred, hip-hop culture success story, lost his marbles a bit on Thursday when he kicked off the morning’s Power 105 Breakfast Club show by insulting Desus and Mero. 

DJ Envy speaks on walking out of Desus and Mero interview | REVOLT Exclusive

The host confronted the comedic duo, who then apologized, for making jokes about his wife. Stay connected with REVOLT.TV here: + Subscribe now: Website: http://REVOLT.TV (Surf) Instagram: (Follow) Twitter: (Follow) Facebook: (Like) Snapchat: Revolt.TV (Add) Tumblr: (Create) About REVOLT.TV : Launched by Sean “Diddy” Combs, REVOLT.TV is the #1 name in music.

Envy demanded an apology from them for insinuating that his wife only stuck around for the check after Envy was caught cheating on her with Erica Mena, a situation he addressed live on the radio in 2017. 

Dj Envy Confesses That He Cheated On His Wife W/Erica Mena On Air.

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Desus and Mero addressed the on-air confrontation and made light of the situation — no pun intended. They didnt seem too moved by Envy using them as an opportunity to make good with his wife and prove his loyalty to her, clowning the situation, even after Envy expressed a serious tone and declared that using his family as humorous content was off limits. 

DJ Envy and The Breakfast Club Ambush

DJ Envy kicks off this morning’s Breakfast Club by demanding an apology from Desus and Mero. Maybe one day Desus will be so hurt he walks off his own show like Envy did.

This is definitely a situation where the usually serene DJ Envy was up in his feelings. Desus and Mero did what they are increasingly paid to do and that is rag on folks in a disrespectful but comical and entertaining way. 

Envy needs to keep his problems at home, but if he felt like he had to get on his Killer Queens thing then we just have to let him rock out. Envy has a history that says, “don’t mess with his family.” Dudes should already this. 

Back in 2006, Envy, then a DJ on Hot 97.1, helped end the career of rival radio DJ Troi Torain of WWPR-FM, who goes by the name of Star. In the midst of a heated ratings war, Torain went on a memorable and offensive radio rant targeting Envys family. The edgy and downright vulgar Star’s termination came after criticism from some City Council members who pushed for his prosecution and called for an investigation by the Federal Communications Commission.

Troi Torain / Star & Bucwild Talks DJ Envy Beef & Hot 97 vs Power 105 Aaliyah Drama | March 24th Show: 1st Break – Troi Torain aka Star addresses the beef between himself and DJ Envy. Also aired is Star breaking down the Aaliyah situation as it happened. The two were both heard on HOT 97 in NYC

In a May 2006 broadcast, Mr. Torain mentioned D.J Envy’s wife and two children and threatened to find and sexually abuse his daughter.

“I’ll come for your kids,” Mr. Torain said that day, adding that he would pay $500 to anyone who told him where the girl attended school. Mr. Torain, who is black, also used racial and sexual epithets about D.J. Envy’s wife, Gia Casey, 27, who is part Asian.

Envy kept the pressure on law enforcement which led to Torain’s arrest. Star was shortly out of the big-time radio market, Envy eventually was part of a team that moved into Star’s slot and Envy continues to publicly shield his family from the game while holding his craft on New York radio. 

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