D.J. Cooper Tried To Defraud A FIBA Drug Test, But Then It Showed He Was Pregnant

For those who watched the 1993 film “The Program”, you know about the drug testing that athletes are subjected to, and how reality will eventually catch up to those trying to defraud the system. Just ask Lattimer.

Lately we’ve seen athletes testing positive for banned substances and illegal drugs, but now we’ve been given a story that blew our minds as we learned how one player’s test came back positive and showed that he was pregnant.

Yes, you read that right. He was pregnant.

Turns out that it was another case of trying to cheat the system, and the system won, but this time in a most unusual manner.

Basketball player, D.J. Cooper, submitted a urine test to FIBA in order to play professionally in Bosnia. But the test came back positive for the hormone gHC. gHC is produced by the placenta during pregnancy, which obviously wasn’t possible, so his rouse was foiled and FIBA suspended the former Ohio University star for two years for submitting his girlfriend’s urine sample.

While Cooper has to wait until June 24th, 2020 to play, the good news is that he’ll be a father.

Hopefully, he’ll learn that you can never mess with Mother Nature.

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