Suspension City In Aftermath Of Yankees-Tigers Brawl

The Yankees and Tigers had one of the better basebrawls that we have seen in awhile on thursday. Gary Sanchez was throwing sneak shot bolos, Miguel Cabrera squared up on Austin Romine and though he looked like he was shadow boxing, the drama was lit. The benches and bullpens cleared, players kept getting beaned and pitchers kept getting elected. Every once and awhile baseball needs a boost of energy like this. 

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BASEBALL FIGHT! Miguel Cabrera and Austin Romine scrap.

It was the talk of baseball for the past 24 hours but now all parties involved have to pay the piper. 

 Joe Torre, Chief Baseball Officer for Major League Baseball, made the announcement, dispensing the following punishments. 

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In the wake of Thursday’s brawl, MLB has suspended Miguel Cabrera seven games and Gary Sanchez fo… – via @ESPN App

  • Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera got hit the hardest because he instigated the actual physical contact. The future Hall of Famer has received a seven-game suspension.
  • Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez has received a four-game suspension for fighting, including throwing punches.
  • Tigers pitcher Alex Wilson has received a four-game suspension for intentionally throwing a pitch at Todd Frazier of the Yankees while warnings were in place for both sides.
  • Yankees catcher Austin Romine has received a two-game suspension for defending himself, including throwing punches.
  • Tigers manager Brad Ausmus has received a one-game suspension for the intentional actions of Wilson while warnings were in place.    

All five individuals also received undisclosed fines. Yankees manager Joe Girardi, Yankees bench coach Rob Thomson, Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner, Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle and Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias were also fined. 

In addition, two members of the Yankees, first baseman Garrett Cooper and outfielder Clint Frazier , received fines for coming on the field while being on the disabled list. 

All suspensions will go into effect Friday night barring an appeal.

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