Diddy Tops The Forbes Money List, Be He’s Not All About Benjamins

    P. Diddy was the hip-hop money king in 2012/13 according to Forbes magazine, but the producer and vodka mogul doesn't put that accomplishment high on his list of achievements. Diddy spoke with Forbes after he was put on top  of the list, and discussed his ranking, mainly how humbling it was to be from Harlem and to even make the list.

    Diddy spoke about his economic prowess with much more fulfillment than simply having a loaded bank account (which he clarified may not be as loaded as Forbes made out), because it allows him to give back to the community through employment. Diddy said he has over 1,000 employees, which seems likely to expand upon the launch of his TV channel, Revolt. But most of all, Diddy is most appreciative that he can take care of his family and give back to charity. 

    Perhaps the guys on Park Ave. will take notice.