Dez Bryant Is Ready For His Turn To Burn

Dez Bryant is one player who definitely wants Dak Prescott to remain the starting QB with the Cowboys. All-World tight end and CBS analyst Tony Gonzalez told me back in the preseason that he was expecting this season to be The Dak and Dez show.

At times it has, but not nearly as often as expected. It has taken some time for the two guys to get on the exact same page as Prescott was unexpectedly thrust into the starting role before the season started and Dez missed three game early in the campaign, which limited their reps together. 

Cole Beasley and Jason Witten lead the team in receptions, but the Cowboys most deadly aerial weapon is still Bryant. No. 88’s overall performance has been extremely inconsistent, but if the last few weeks are any indication, Dak and Dez are finally hitting their groove as they roll into the playoffs and thats bad news for opposing defenses.  

In Dallas’ resounding 42-21 thrashing of playoff hopeful Detroit on Monday, Bryant had his second 2-TD game of the season. First, Dak hit Dez with a beautiful over the top  pass that Dez caught one handed in the corner of the end zone. Later in the game Dez flipped the script and actually threw a perfect fade pass for a TD to Witten.

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Shortly after that, Dez got his second TD on a nice back shoulder grab from Prescott for his second score of the game. The chemistry between Dak and Dez looks well done and ready to serve for the playoffs. Most important is the fact that Dez seems happy and content and won’t be a distraction for Dallas moving forward. When Bryant is functioning with sound, mind and body, he makes plays that make you piss yourself. 

Everyone knows Dez was never Romos first option. He just felt Witten was more reliable in the clutch. Witten is still the sure-handed bandit for Prescott as he was for Romo, but Dak seems to be going out of his way to communicate will Dez and feed his ego, which is something Dallas has always had to deal with. 

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To tell you the truth, most of the Cowboys skill position players have had their shining moment en route to a 13-win season, except for Dez. 

Seems like January is shaping up to be his time to shine. 

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