Details Emerge in Death of Robin Williams

    As the world continues to grieve over the loss of comedian Robin Williams, details are beginning to come to light as the Marin County (CA) Sheriff’s office held a press conference Tuesday. It has been common knowledge, as reported by The Shadow League, that Williams suffered from drug and alcohol problems in the past. However, multiple sources state that Robin’s substance abuse problem had returned and the effects were devastating.

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    In a live news conference, a police spokesperson said Williams’ body was found in a seated position, suspended slightly above the ground by a belt wedged between a closet door and door frame. He had slash wounds to his left wrist. And a pocket knife was found next to his body. Last seen alive by his wife before going to bed the evening prior, she left the home around 10:30 am PST on Monday, August 11. His body was discovered by a personal assistant around noon the same day. A toxicology report will not be made available for approximately 2-6 weeks.  The preliminary findings are that Williams died of self-induced asphyxia, but the coroner’s office will continue with its autopsy.

    Robin Williams’ death has shocked family and friends alike as many were unaware to the extent that Williams was apparently suffering from depression.  He’d recently checked himself into a rehab clinic in July 2014 after being sober since the early 1980s. Recently resuming his drinking, sources told TMZ that Williams was in a recent deep depression. A photo taken during his rehab stay in Minnesota shows evidence of a sad man void of life, despite being loved by the world.  No one knew how truly deep his depression was.

    Robin Williams was 63-years-old at the time of his death.