Derrick Rose Leaves Cavs To Evaluate Future

Derrick Rose hasn’t played more than 66 games in a season since he won the MVP in 2010-11. A guy who once owned the NBA stage, has slowly fallen victim to the emotional rollercoaster that  comes with an injury-riddled career. Last season he had a decent year with a miserable Knicks team, but the low point was when he just went MIA from MSG, missed a game and said he went home to speak with his mom. 

 He was fined by the Knicks and apologized to his teammates when he returned the next day.

“That was a family issue,” Rose explained at the time. “For one, it had nothing to do with the team or basketball. But that’s the first time I ever felt like that emotionally, and I had to be with my family.”

Emotions have worn on Rose. Since suffering a torn left ACL in the Chicago Bulls’ opening game of the 2012 playoffs, Rose has been plagued with injuries and fan drama, playing in just 237 out of a possible 412 regular-season games. Instead of battling the elite ballers in playoff games and All-star events, Rose has been accused of being selfish while scraping and scratching to maintain his current billing as an above average NBA contributor. 

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Derrick Rose’s MVP season

When Kyrie Irving dipped to Boston, Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose were supposed to make up for his loss. When it was discovered that ITs hip would have him out until January or longer, Rose was expected to pick up the slack in the meantime. The 18ppg and the moments of explosiveness he showed with NY would be good enough for the Cavs, if he could stay healthy. Roses season with the Knicks ended with another surgery and this season hes played in just 11 of 18 games because of a bad ankle. on Twitter

At least wait until Isaiah Thomas is healthy…#Cavs

Now the embattled former superstar has left the team and is contemplating his future as the frustrations of being unable to perform at a 29-year-old level has taken its toll on the former MVP. One week ago, Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue said that Rose would be out “at least” the next two weeks because of his ankle injury. Rose rolled the ankle Oct. 20 when he landed funny following a flagrant foul from the-Milwaukee Bucks big man Greg Monroe.

Cleveland put Rose in a walking boot last week in hopes of alleviating pressure on his left foot and expediting his recovery. 

“Just a jacked-up ankle,” Rose told ESPN at the time. “I’m just trying to figure it out, bro. Right now, it’s just a jacked-up ankle. Just sore. I’m getting a lot of treatment for it, and tonight will be my first time wearing a boot. So I’ll wear this, for I don’t know how long, to see how it helps.”

According to ESPN, Rose’s increasing frustration with injuries is causing him to question his desire to continue playing.

Well, this is nothing new. Rose told the basketball world a long time ago that basketball was no longer his first priority. He has publicly stated that he started thinking about life after the NBA some time ago. His body hasnt been in it, therefore his heart hasnt been in it. If not for business reasons, he probably would have retired a few years ago. Being a shell of his former self has slowly eaten away at Rose.  

No doubt his lucrative seven-year, $80 million sneaker deal with Adidas is still the main thing driving him.  Adidas has produced eight signature shoes for Rose so far and is contractually obligated to continue to produce a signature shoe for him as long as he is in the league. If he retires he doesn’t get that bread. Cleveland doesn’t have time to become a victim of Rose’s financial maneuvering. His time with the team might be coming to a quick end. 

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The Derrick Rose era in Cleveland may have lasted just seven games

 Anyone who wanted Rose to fulfill his true potential as a player feels for the Chicago legend. Hes not the only superstar to have a rising career prematurely upended by a devastating injury, but he was on his way to superstardom, he was a fan favorite, and to have a talent of his magnitude snatched away from us and to watch him go through the misery, uncertainty, tragedy and emotional torture that hes endured is just too much for everyone. At least he got paid. He wont be hurting for a meal. And from the sound of things, he wont even be searching for a pickup game in retirement. Hes already told everyone that he’s playing for his son and following the NBA money trail, but Rose has to step away from the game if his heart isn’t in. He won’t be frowned upon for not risking being a cripple at 40 just to garner a couple of more cheers playing limited minutes in the shadows of a LeBron James Cleveland championship run. He has to make up his mind soon though. 

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