Deontay Wilder Devolves Into The Champion of Excuses

Deontay Wilder is beginning to descend into boxing purgatory.

Not only because of inactivity after Tyson Fury has nixed their rematch clause due to a missed deadline. No, the “Bronze Bomber” has begun to espouse a series of excuses to explain his loss to “The Gypsy King” on February 22nd, 2020.

What once began as a nonsensical introspective diatribe about a heavy ring walk costume weakening his legs is now a full blown spate of conspiracy theories.

Wilder broke his silence on Halloween in a video posted to Instagram that labeled Fury a cheat and his now former trainer Mark Breland as a “traitor”.

Excuses Are For Losers

In the video, he goes on an accusation spree declaring that Fury doctored his gloves, that both assistant trainer and Olympic gold medalist Breland and referee Kenny Bayless were also both scheming against him. Anyone who understands the mechanics of a boxing fight week knows that the gloves, which are picked out after Friday’s weigh-ins, are then held by the boxing Commission until fight night.

Once hands are wrapped, these same Commissioners sign off on the wraps and the opposing corner can watch the wrap if they choose.

Last, the Commissioner’s sign off on tape on top of the glove after another inspection ensuring no foul play. You do not play boxing and the industry has been very serious about avoiding potential fatal bouts.

Wilder vs. Fury 3?

He also ripped Fury for not coming to terms on a rematch for a third fight. This seems to be the real source of animus, which makes sense as COVID-19 and surgery derailed Wilder making the circumstances different.

Also, the planned Dec. 19 bout at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas was scrapped due to television schedules of competing sports that make the bout happening improbable in 2020.

Fury is the champ and has been itching to return to the U.K. and fight on his home soil. Unfortunately, for Wilder, in boxing, you can get caught up in the gray zone.

But then he went into an even darker place during an interview Saturday with the YouTube channel 78SPORTSTV.

“My water was tampered with, bro,” Wilder said. “I know what it’s like to have some heavy workout and how you feel after. You know what I’m saying? S—, I can have sex and still go play ball and dunk and do what I got to do. But this feeling right here, it was a different feeling. It’s like I had no control of my body. My legs was weak and stuff like that. Although my body was weak, my mind was very strong.

“When do you ever see me go down on a body shot? He didn’t even hit me; he pushed me. When did you ever see me falling back like that? When did you ever see me not being the aggressor?”

This steers Wilder into the Twilight Zone of excuses. However, Rod Serling doesn’t show up to reassure you that this is just a hypothetical to make you think.

The Scapegoating of Mark Breland

Wilder never saw his career having losses attached to it. The way he lost was a wake up call to him as an athlete and his business brand. Mark Breland has been accused of everything from taking cues from a ringside Anthony Dirrell to working with Fury trainer “Sugar Hill” Steward directly.

What he’s never been praised for is saving Wilder from a posterized version of himself laid flat on the canvas a la Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez.

The towel throw saved Wilder’s brand. Breland fell on the sword and was fired and demonized for it.

In this sport, you are rewarded for machismo and dying on your shield, but that level of barbarism is not necessary. Deontay Wilder took an “L”. Making revolving excuses for it is shameful and unnecessary.

Pride comes before the fall and Wilder is digging a grave for his brand that might not be salvageable.

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