Dennis Rodman Will Train North Korea For 2016 Olympics

Dennis Rodman returned from his second trip to North Korea, where he spent time vacationing with Kim Jong Un as well as planning diplomatic and cultural missions between the secret, primitive culture of North Korea and the Western world.

After revealing the name of Kim's daughter, Rodman announced he is putting on another basketball game in the country in January. The game will be played on Kim Jong Un's birthday, and Rodman says 12 former NBA players will make the trip. 

Rodman also revealed that he will train the North Korean basketball team for the 2016 Olympics. Though the diplomatic benefits will be huge for North Korea and the West, as several musical and educational opportunities have been arranged in addition to the sports exchange, Rodman isn't likely to do much to boost North Korea's national basketball team. The DPRK has never appeared in the summer Olympics for basketball, and the last time they placed on a medal stand was for a silver medal in 1993 at the Asian Games. They don't have a single player listed over 6'4''. 

Still, it seems Rodman is making an impact with North Korea's dictator. Rodman refers to him as "Kim" and grew defensive of his new friend upon returning from the country on both occasions. Rodman insists that the new leader is different from his father and previous leaders, and wants to bring North Korea out of it's shell. 

And if anyone can pull that off, it's Dennis Rodman.

(You can catch a full stream of Rodman's press conference here)