DeMarco Murray Suffers Broken Bone In Left Hand

Dallas Cowboys star running back Demarco Murray has had surgery on his  left hand. DeMarco Murray broke the 4th metacarpal bone in his hand which is a relatively mild injury. A rod will be placed inside the hand strengthening the broken bone and the area around it. This basically ensures very little soft tissue damage allowing for a larger range of motion. Bottom line, he can play but his hand will be sore.

It is Murray's right hand that he carries the ball in, so his pass blocking, stiff arming, and ball catching abilities will be limited. It will be impossible for Murray to catch passes however as the cowboy's only true power back it will be difficult not letting him carry the load for the first time this season. With the Colts coming to invade Jerryworld on Sunday it seems unlikely that the Cowboys would allow Murray to injure himself further before the playoffs.

Terrell Owens suffered a similar injury in 2006, he only missed one game before returning Julio Jones suffered the same injury in college and returned later in the week to play. The average return time in college for this injury is 2.8 days due to the nature of the injured area. 

Other injury news

– Nick Foles is still out with a broken collarbone, he has not been cleared to play. The Mark Sanchez experiment will continue as the Eagles have dropped their last two games. 

– Ryan Lindley will start in place of the injured Drew Stanton, Lindley has never thrown an NFL touchdown pass.

– The Buccaneers defensive captain defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has been placed on injured reserve with a knee injury.

– Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has a broken leg and will be replaced with Case Keenum who just signed with the Texans.

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