Deion Sanders Was Fired From His Own School

Deion Sanders is no longer part of the Prime Prep adminstration. According to a press release by the board of the school, the decision was made after an altercation he had from another employee.

From Pro Football Talk:

The allegations arose on Thursday.  Last night, while Sanders was in Chicago as part of the NFL Network broadcast of the game between the Giants and the Bears, the school’s board conducted an emergency meeting. And the board decided to get rid of Sanders.

“Effective immediately, Deion Sanders is no longer an employee or representative for Prime Prep Academy,” the board said in a press release.

The decision to fire Sanders fairly can be interpreted as an indication that the witnesses to whatever transpired corroborated a version of the events other than Deion’s.

This is a weird situation. How do you get fired by your own school? Sanders believes that they won’t have a final say on this issue and he believes he’s not going anywhere. Sounds like a lot of legal trouble looming.