Deion Sanders Gets Second Chance At Prime Time Prep

Deion Sanders may be the party accused of yanking a faculty member at Prime Time Prep Academy up by the collar during an alleged altercation, but the Hall of Fame cornerback is feeling whiplash after going from fired to re-hired in the span of a few hours on Friday. However, it's only a temporary band-aid. According to a statement made by Charlie Garza, Sanders would continue coaching until the conclusion of the 2013-14 school year.

Sanders' whirlwind week began Wednesday when 39-year-old, Kevin Jefferson the school's Chief Financial Officer filed a complaint with the Dallas Police Department alleging Sanders physically assaulted him after becoming upset over the subpar academic performance of student-athletes at the school.

Via USAToday:

Jefferson told police that in response to the suspect's statements about him during the meeting he told him "he could not talk to him in that manner." Jefferson said he then stood up from his desk.

"At this time the suspect grabbed the complainant by the collar and pushed him into the wall hurting the right side of his back," said the police report, reciting the account from Jefferson.

"The complainant stated he hit his left hip on the desk after the suspect released his collar."

Jefferson told police that others in the meeting stopped the altercation and that he then went to a hospital. "(He) complained of soreness to the throat, right side of the back and his left hip," the report said.

The report also said the complainant flagged down police after leaving the hospital.

On early Friday, the retired shutdown corner was fired as head football coach at Prime Time Prep. Hours later, the school backpedaled quicker than Deion in his prime and reinstated its namesake hours before their first ever varsity homecoming game.

 "I will continue to always look out for the best interest of the Prime Prep Academy students and make all efforts to insure them of the best education possible.  The deserve nothing less than the best." Sanders told the Shadow League on Friday night.

“"I look forward to continuing my role as the Football coach for Prime Prep Academy.  It has always been my mission to stress academic excellence with our student athletes in order for them to reach the highest levels in their future." Sanders added.

No charges have been filed while authorities gather information, but sources close to Sanders believe that he is being wrongly accused and maintain his innocence. On Thursday, Sanders also declared his innocence through his Twitter account.