Dear MAGA: Stop It, Five

Over the weekend, the Trump faithful descended upon the District of Columbia for the Million MAGA March.

The event was touted as a recount rally for pro-Trump supporters who feel that the Presidential election was rigged against their leader.

Political tribalism at its best…or is that worst?

Ironically, they gathered at D.C.’s Freedom Plaza and migrated over to the now famous Black Lives Matter Plaza to protest a free and democratic election while destroying BLM imagery littered throughout the area.

D.C. police recovered seven guns and are tending to two wounded officers following the rally. The throngs of largely mask-free so-called “patriots” confronted people they deemed to be Antifa with many violent interactions circulating social media throughout the weekend.

However, the most striking component of this display was that the election they are protesting also gave the Republican Party a win in the Senate. With 50 seats to a Democratic 46, Team Red only lost one Congressional seat.

This is the same ballot that the MAGAT’s (Make America Great Again Trumpers) are contested because the Instigator in Chief lost the big game.

Additionally, it escapes no one that they chose to name their rally sarcastically after The Nation of Islam’s Million Man March led by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

However, unlike that historic march, there actually were a million people and there was no violence. This march featured the newfound cult like prominence of the Proud Boys and was created for believers of nativism who wanted to express all their collective frustrations.

There was no room for concessions and a path moving forward. Only a pushback of what the majority of the country wants.

The Million MAGAT March makes clear that regardless of who the President-elect is, Trumpism is here to stay. It began with the 2008 Presidential campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin, where the nativist flock began to first appear.

Now, with Trump as their mascot, they have co-opted the Republican Party and are going nowhere.

Imagine, if this was the same with a rebellious rogue band of Obama followers. It would have tainted his legacy and left a permanent stain on his Presidency.

Instead, Trump drive through the crowd smiling and waving.

It was his nod that he leaves Washington a winner that has never been seen before.

Not as the Commander In Chief but as the symbolic veil that has been removed from raw White rage.

A rage that disregards pandemic protocols and is fed by a sense of elitism and entitlement.

It makes you want to stand podium high and proclaim in a swarmy Cam’ron to Bill O’Reilly voice:

”You maaaad!”

Update it and add:

“Stop it, five!” also using Cam’ron’s Harlem voice.

Put some respect on Farrakhan’s name before you hijack the Million March concept and remember that march stood for nonviolence.

America has officially entered the era of the consistent tantrum.

Rhett Butler is a Boxing Writer Association of America Journalist, Play-By-Play Commentator, Combat Sports Insider, and Former Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing Promoter. The New York City native honed his skills at various news outlets including but not limited to: TIME Magazine, Money Magazine, CNN's Wolf Blitzer Reports, and more. Rhett hosts the PRITTY Left Hook podcast, a polarizing combat sports insider's take featuring the world's biggest names.