David Ortiz Nearly Elected Mayor of Boston

 If you follow Major League Baseball at all, you’ve realized David Ortiz has become just as significant as Ted Williams in Beantown. After the Boston Bombing, his address to the fans in the Fenway and declaration to fans watching from home that Boston was their ‘f*ckin city’ wasn’t quite the Gettysburg address, but it may have been Boston’s “luckiest man on the face of the earth”.  In August, Ortiz was asked to hold a baby and pose for a photo when the national anthem abruptly began. Ortiz elected to hold the baby until the anthem was over and a political career was accidentally born.

According to earlier reports from the Boston Election Department, Ortiz received the most write-in votes for mayor of Boston on Election Day. Those numbers have been disputed, but it demonstrates the fanaticism surrounding Red Sox baseball. One more World Series is what he needs to raise his approval numbers by the time 2017 rolls around.