Daniel Artest Thinks Metta World Peace Could Be The Pacer-Stopper

Metta World Peace may not have the same lateral quickness that allowe him to become a fixture on All-Defensive Teams or win the Defensive Player of the Yearr award, but the attitude that was ingrained in him on the courts across Queens will also bubble beneath the surface. He's done a great job of keeping his temper in check, but his brother Daniel believes that's exactly what his new squad, the New York Knicks, need from him.

Via New York Post:

“They’ve got a good team but they never had that goon — that defensive goon last season,’’ Daniel told The Post yesterday from his home in Indianapolis. “Someone that’s not afraid. If Ron was on the team, they would have gotten past the Pacers.’’

While it's true that the Knicks were quite "finesse" last season, the lack of a goon wasn't what they were missing. Roy Hibbert and Paul George shredded the Knicks on both ends of the floor.  The Knicks need Ron Artest's defensive mentality and Queensbridge toughness, but his offensive repertoire wouldn't have been enough to keep the Knicks offense from decaying against the Pacers. That's where J.R. Smith would presumably prove his worth. They'll have their work cut out for them against a Pacers squad that's returning Danny Granger and acquired Luis Scola in an Eastern Conference that will be much more formidable.

However, Daniel's commentary on how the Knicks should use his brother sounded much more reasonable.

“I’m not worried [he’s washed up],’’ Daniel said. “It’s all about heart. The way Ron plays, he will help the Knicks out the way he plays defense and take pressure off Carmelo [Anthony], [who] won’t have to guard the best forward guy anymore. [World Peace] can guard the power forward. He held a lot of power forwards like Zach Randolph, David West and LaMarcus [Aldridge] last season way below their scoring average. He’s still very strong and has a lot of game left.’’