Dak Prescott Impresses Jerry Jones In Win Over Redskins

Jerry Jones hasnt been happy about much this season. The Cowboys stink. Ezekiel Elliott is missing six games and it’s killing them, the owners want him out, he claims to have lost money behind NFL protests and every day is a battle for the most popular man in the state of Texas. 

So pardon him for going overboard in praising his players after Dallas much-needed 38-14 win over Washington on Thursday night. Jones’ praise of second-year, embattled QB Dak Prescotts toughness and leadership was dissected by sports talk shows and media mouths. Prescott suffered an injury in the game that made his hand swell up to twice the normal size. 

He’s been under fire this season and fans have suggested that without Elliotts ground game, Prescotts passing game fizzles. In effect, they are doubting Jones choice to take over the reigns for Tony Romo and lead Dallas to that elusive Super Bowl. Those same doubters saw Jones’ praise of Prescott as forced. Jones saw Thursday’s win as a personal victory. 

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New video by ESPN: Stephen A. Smith calls out Jerry Jones for praising Dak Prescott | First Take | ESPN https://t.co/BsieNaH97u

Prescotts numbers were very pedestrian, but efficient. He completed 11 of 22 passes for 102 yards. He had two touchdown passes of 8 and 13 yards to tight end Jason Witten and receiver Dez Bryant. He also handed the ball off 36 times. 

It was his fourth consecutive game with less than 200 yards passing, but it was a gritty performance and in the midst of so much turmoil, Prescott led Dallas against a division opponent and stopped a three-game slide. That means something.  

It was a performance that supposedly convinced Jerry Jones that Dak is the future of the franchise. It reinforced Prescott as a leader and a guy that can shut out the noise and make it happen. 

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Dak Prescott has a message for his doubters.

Well, naturally, you would be concerned, Jones said. I knew quickly that it was not a fracture or something. But obviously, you could tell that it was very swollen. Thats the point. It actually looked like he started throwing better after it swelled up (laughs). But thats him. Hes such a competitor, and his team knows it. Hes a leader out there.

With Ezekiel Elliott working out his problems and unable to lend a helping hand, somebody has got to stop the sinking ship in Dallas and if he didnt appreciate Prescott before, seeing him perform in the face of adversity, when everyone was dogging his name, has made Jones a fan of his franchise quarterback and hes going to ride him until the wheels fall off.  

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