Dabo Swinney Doesn’t Want His Players Twittering

Dabo Swinney doesn't want his players to be distracted during the upcoming season, a big one for the Clemson Tigers to try and get over the hump of becoming a dominant team nationally instead of just in the ACC. He can't control much about what the players do when they aren't in practice or studying film, but he can try to keep them from Twitter.

The online sports magazine reports Swinney saying: "It's the world we live in, and there's a lot of good in it. The technology is fascinating, and all that's happened in past 10-15 years. But it's also very dangerous."

"If they say just one little thing just a little wrong — and these are young people — and in the world we live in, it's a firestorm and a I'm having to deal with it. I don't like distractions. I hate distractions."

The website reports Swinney also said his athletes are already overloaded with responsibilities and this is just "one more thing" taking up their time.

Last year, the Tigers enacted a self-imposed ban directed by the players. That hasn't happened this year, but coach Swinney obviously liked the policy enough to try and carry it over.