Curt Schilling Is Even Tougher Than We Realized

Curt Schilling was watching the New York City marathon in 2011 when he felt some chest pains that later revealed he'd experienced a heart attack. 

The Boston Globe reported that Schilling never even stepped foot in an ambulance, because he didn't really think it was that serious. When Schilling and his wife flew back to Boston, they skipped straight from Logan Airport to the hospital. 

From the Globe:

Ya, as stupid as that was,” Schilling wrote in a text message. “My doctor made it clear that I was very, very, lucky.”

Surgery was performed the next day to insert a stent. The health scare, he says, changed his lifestyle.

“Oh yeah, in every way possible, it had to,” he says, without going into detail.

There's a dispute on how healthy Schilling is today, depending on whether you ask him or his wife. Schilling, of course, will always be famous for leading the Red Sox to victory in the 2004 ALCS Game 2 against Yankess with an injured ankle that was visible through his bloody sock. And that sock, for whatever reason, eventually sold for more than $92,000 earlier this year.