Cover 3: The Best And Worst Of Times In The NFL

Y'all know the drill: Three questions, three writers, almost zero consensus. Here we go.

The Atlanta Falcons are the most disappointing team in the NFL, and they seem intent on ensuring that their reputation isn't in doubt. After a beatdown to the Arizona Cardinals, do you think coach Mike Smith offered Tony Gonzalez a half-hearted apology for dragging him out of retirement for the season?

RICHARD BOADU: Ha! No, Mike Smith didn't offer Tony Gonzalez an apology. He offered Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitri one though. It's always clear as day when a coach can no longer reach his players. It might be time for a change in ATL.

DJ DUNSON: Forget Mike Smith. What he really needs is for Dimitroff to supply him with a driver to Hartsfield-Jackson, a flight itinerary, a new identity and $300,000 in cash to start his new life over with a contender. Atlanta's season is done. No reason to drag Tony G's career with them into their wretched sinkhole of NFC South despair.

JAMES CARR : You don't get an apology with your $3.5 million check, but you do laugh when cashing it at the bank. Tony G always busted his ass, but it might be a nice change of pace to show up for work without the pressure of knowing you're going to disappoint an entire city every single year. But, as with everything that happened since Sept. 24, I blame Drake. Once Roddy White, Julio Jones and Sean Weatherspoon went down, nothing was the same.

Megatron had 329 yards against the Dallas Cowboys. Are you freakin' kidding me? That man is insane. Is it too early to declare him the GOAT?

BOADU: Yes. Way too early to consider him the GOAT. He's dope, but he's not even sniffing Randy Moss, Terrell Owens or THE GOAT, Jerry Rice. Let's give it some time. Hell, Brandon Jennings dropped 55 points in an NBA game and we all know he's not an elite PG. Megatron is the best NFL WR today, but he's not the best of all-time yet.

DUNSON: He may be the greatest physical specimen the NFL has ever as a combination of Moss' athleticism plus T.O.'s strength and work ethic, but not yet is he the GOAT because longevity matters. Jerry Rice was still hauling in touchdown passes when his cornrows' hairline was backpedaling into a prevent coverage. If Calvin Johnson is still posterizing cornerbacks when he's creeping into his mid-30s, he'll have to rely on his technique and football acumen. Then, we'll see what he's really made of.

CARR: Yeah, it's too early, but unless Megatron needs multiple ACL surgeries in the coming years, there isn't anything stopping him from the title. He's bigger, faster and stronger than any DB or WR in the league, the combination of which may have never been seen in NFL history. It's going to be a lot of fun watching he and A.J. Green duke it out for years to come. Green's hands are second-to-none, the only asset in which Calvin Johnson can't quite compete. As far as everything else, Megatron is untouchable. Go ahead and get used to the GOAT label.

Has there ever been a team as woeful as the Jacksonville Jaguars?

BOADU: Why are they even in the league? Can't we just get rid of them. Like really?

DUNSON : The Jaguars aren't just terrible on the field, their future in Jacksonville is even bleaker. They wasted Maurice Jones Drew's career, Blaine Gabbert is a bust and their most productive offensive weapon is in a 12-step program. Don't be surprised if Chris Mortenson reports that the Jaguars plane accidentally departed London without the team in tow. For most franchises, things can all change quickly if you lose out for that No.1 overall pick. What's crazy is that I'm not sure whether the Jags have more needs on offense or on their defense (31st against rush, 32nd against pass).

CARR: Rich, you didn't hear? The NFL is trying to get rid of the Jags by shipping them overseas. They'll play in London for each of the next three years. Fortunately, my friends across the pond tell me that the NFL is more of a reason to party than anything else, so the fact that Jacksonville couldn't win a game if Tim Tebow recruited Jesus as his wideout doesn't really matter. At some point, they just need to move their full time. I'm sure it'll happen once the team gets used to warm pints.