Conor McGregor’s Mother Dons Blackface For Halloween But Swears She Was A Ghoul? Really Tho?

Conor McGregor is known for being controversial, but his family has never been known for outrageous actions until now. On Halloween, the McGregor clan showcased their Halloween best, and McGregor’s mother shocked the world by wearing blackface dressed in what looked like a savage outfit while holding skulls.

McGregor’s mom, Margaret, 63, attended a party at The Black Forge Inn in Dublin, Ireland, and was photographed next to her clean-shaven son, who dressed up as pilot Frank Abagnale from the film “Catch Me If You Can.” The McGregors clapped back at the claims, considering the assertion that Margaret purposefully donned blackface as a Halloween mischaracterization.

According to the McGregor family, which has denied the claims, the McGregor matron had spiders painted on her face to coincide with her red dress and necklace with three skulls attached to compliment her intended image as a ghoul.

“The McGregor family loves Halloween,” a family spokesperson told The Daily Mirror. “Mrs McGregor had spiders painted on her face since her costume was a ghoul risen from the grave. Any other interpretation was just wrong and truly unfortunate.”

McGregor’s sister, Erin, shared a video of Margaret posing in her costume in a now-deleted Instagram Story with the caption “Mad Magzer loving the Halloween vibe,” along with two laughing emojis. The blackface component went over McGregor’s head until it didn’t, hence, the deletion of the IG Story.

Image Credit: Twitter

McGregor posed with his family, including his long-term partner Dee Devlin dressed as an air hostess with their children Conor Jr, Croia, and Rian, dressed up as a sharp-toothed bear, a fairy’s outfit, and a lion costume, respectively. McGregor’s dog even got in the Halloween pictures.

Still, the internet is an unforgiving place that found it hard to comprehend how Margaret believed a ghoul needed copious amounts of blackface paint and a theatrical costume that gave more African savage stereotype vibes than straight from the crypt.

Conor McGregor has been on the wrong side of stereotyping controversies in the past. During his famous rivalry against former UFC lightweight legend Khabib Nurmagomedov, he referred to Khabib’s wife on Twitter, posting, “Your wife is a towel mate,” a reference to her donning of a hijab, or traditional Islamic covering for women.

McGregor also referred to internet star Hasbullah in a derogatory term on Twitter that referred to his size based on his growth hormone feficiency, also known as dwarfism.

“Now what you saying you little gimp,” McGregor posted, then deleted on social media. In the post, McGregor tweeted a doctored photo showing himself on a boat holding up a children’s toy with Hasbullah’s head superimposed on it.

In the lead-up to his fight against Floyd Mayweather, McGregor also took a swipe at Black women during the promo tour’s Barclays Center stop. McGregor said, “this is to all my Black women fans,” gyrating his hips in a sexual motion while wearing a fur coat and no shirt.

The apple might not have fallen far from the tree in the McGregor family, as disrespect and off-color stereotypical playfulness seems to run in the family.


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