Conor McGregor’s Last Stand

Conor McGregor’s “Mystic” stature is wearing off.

The former UFC champ-champ has been noticeably quiet in the build up to his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Aside from a poor man’s troll move exposing a supposed DM from Poirier’s wife, the normal “Notorious” antics of old have since waned.

That’s because McGregor is finally catching up to what the world already knows: this fight is his last stand at being considered a legitimate top-tier mixed martial artist.

After an embarrassing second round KO at the now famed Yas Island in the United Arab Emirates nicknamed Fight Island, McGregor has been more of a meme-able moment than the feared athlete he once was.

By no means is McGregor not a dangerous opponent for Poirier or any other fighter between 145 lbs and 155 lbs, however, the price of fame has weighed heavily on the motivation for the Irishman.

Named Forbes highest paid athlete of 2020, mainly for his sale of Proper 12 Whiskey, McGregor is known more for being an astute businessman than MMA fighter.

That is in stark contrast from the man who helped put him on that upward financial trajectory in Floyd “Money” Mayweather. As the former active athletic cash king, Mayweather never lost a bout or motivation to the sport that made him famous.

Mayweather used the fame that came with winning to hyper-inflate the heel character “Money Mayweather” but never strayed from the discipline that got his brand there. McGregor, however, since his major payday against Mayweather has become more of a dandy and less of a killer.

Now McGregor might be catching up to what the world already knows, that McGregor is a star for everything except fighting.

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