Conference USA Is Hosting A Bowl In The Bahamas

Conference USA may not have the same BCS perks as the NCAA’s major conferences, but at least they don’t have to play in the frigid Yankee Stadium in December for the Pinstripes Bowl or any December bowl taking place in the Midwest for any of their four guaranteed bowls.

According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, Conference USA is introducing a pair of bowl games which  will be located in Boca Raton, "the City For All Seasons" and the Bahamas as soon as 2014. By comparison, the Conference USA champion is slotted into Memphis’ Liberty Bowl, where the average December high is approximately 52 degrees. With any luck, this new bowl game will be awarded to the conference champion. In no way do I condone throwing games, but you can understand why Conference USA programs would rather finish out the season in the Bahamas Breeze Bowl rather than staving off the blizzard breezes for three hours for the Pinstripe Bowl.