Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp Joins Fight Against COVID-19

There has been much discussion about the disproportionate number of Black and Brown people being diagnosed with coronavirus. While the pandemic has swept the globe with 2,088,425 cases as of 11:11 am today (April 16), Blacks, even in areas where they represent a low number of the population are seeing much higher instances of COVID-19.

This is a reminder of how historically people of color have been disenfranchised and belittled when it comes to resources, access to health care, healthy meals, safe living environments, safe working conditions, overall opportunity.

This coronavirus has opened up society’s eyes to a lot of the social injustices that still remain. It has lessened the importance of sports and raised the significance of issues that Kaepernick was blackballed for bringing to light. Therefore, Colin Kaepernick’s journey continues. History continues to be on his side.


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