Colin Kaepernick Named NFLPA’s Week 1 Community MVP

Colin Kaepernick isnt even on an NFL roster, but he hasnt stopped donating his time and money to improving the country and promoting his message of inclusion and ending oppression and police brutality. 

In return, the NFL players still hold him in high regard and obviously still strongly consider him part of the gridiron brotherhood as the blackballed pro quarterback was named the National Football League Player’s Association’s Week 1 community MVP for his charitable work. 

Mike Garafolo on Twitter

Colin Kaepernick named NFLPA’s Week 1 community MVP for his charitable work.

There are a lot of negative things still being said about Kaepernick and why he doesnt speak or defend his stance more on social media and TV shows. Its clear to me that hes too busy putting his money where his mouth is.

While the owners and certain Americans with twisted agendas try to paint him as a false idol, the players understand that his actions are commendable and deserve to be acknowledged, even in his absence as an employed NFL QB. 

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