Coach Prime Effect | Deion Sanders Hosts First Jackson State 7-On-7 Football Tournament

Deion Sanders and the Jackson State Tigers held the first 7-on-7 football tournament for high school talents this month. Over 20 teams showed up on the school’s campus. The words “exposure” and “visibility” ring loudly when you talk about two things Sanders has been pushing for since his arrival as head coach in 2020.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer has stressed the importance of those two words not just for his JSU Tigers, but for all HBCUs. Thus far he’s done that and then some. Every day is a new layer to what he’s building.

The winners of the tournament received the utmost praise from the reigning Eddie Robinson Award winner, and not just for their play but their willingness to help with the cleanup following the event.

“The most impressive thing, man, to me was the guys helped me pick up these cups,” Sanders said.  “I hate trash, I hate anything filthy and nasty, and you guys helped me pick up the trash.”

Sanders continued to sing the praises of the winning team. 

“God bless y’all. Y’all did that, man, y’all did it, y’all were resilient, y’all stayed together, wasn’t no bickering and arguing, y’all stayed on the same page and listened to the instructions. Y’all did the doggone thing today, man. So proud of y’all. God bless you.”

Sanders Has Been Busy: Adding Transfers

After landing the top ranked recruit and another top-50 recruit, Sanders didn’t rest on his laurels.

Coach Prime went out and signed 16 transfers, the latest being former four-star wide receiver Rico Powers, who transfers in from South Carolina. He was once Gamecocks teammates with starting JSU safety Shilo Sanders, son of Deion, and Keveon Mullins, the former four-star tight end who also transferred to JSU this offseason and could become the star pupil of renowned Power Five tight ends coach Tim Brewster.

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The aforementioned Brewster joined the JSU staff about two weeks ago and he’s best known for developing 2021 NFL No. 4 overall pick Kyle Pitts while at Florida. Pitts is the highest-drafted tight end in league history.

Sanders Offered Another Top Running Back This Week

Upon arrival at JSU, Sanders let it be known he was going after the big fish. He first offered 2023 No. 1 running back Richard Young, who’s a Fort Meyers, Florida, native like Sanders. He also offered the top running back in the class of 2024, Stacy Gage of IMG Academy. On Monday it was announced that Sanders had offered Rueben Owens, the No. 2 ranked tailback in the class of 2023 behind the aforementioned Young.

While JSU probably won’t land any of those top thoroughbreds, his willingness to throw the school’s name in the ring gives you an idea of how he’s thinking big picture wise.

That’s why having a 7-on-7 campus is a brilliant idea, as it gives you an up-close-and-personal look at future talent.

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