Cleveland Cavaliers’ Drama Escalates As Kevin Love Is Put On Blast

The Cleveland Cavaliers were expected to challenge the Golden State Warriors this season for the NBA trophy, but things have gone very wrong very quickly for LeBron and company, and this weekend things got even worse.

The team was obliterated by the OKC Thunder on Saturday, 148-124, and the drama followed them into the locker room later as new guard Isaiah Thomas allegedly called out Kevin Love for faking an illness and leaving the game. According to The NY Daily News:

“A source told The News that Isaiah Thomas led the charge against Love, who turned up ill for Saturday’s embarrassing loss to Oklahoma City and went home after playing just three minutes.”

Kevin Love always seems to be the focus of ridicule and trade rumors, yet he still puts in the work and was named to the All Star team this season for the fifth time in his career. But now things appear to have escalated to the point where he’s been accused of walking out on the team.

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Nobody helped Kevin Love up…

When asked about the incident, Love didn’t seem to feel he was being singled out.

“Did I feel like a target? I think everybody, most people, were a target.” said Love. “Were trying to figure this thing out. People hold themselves to a very high standard on this team and were a team that can compete at the highest level.”

With the team suffering through an ugly stretch where they’ve lost ten of their last thirteen games (including last night’s 114-102 loss to the Spurs), the trade deadline looming and King James becoming a free agent on July 1st, the team is no where near that high level and hopes for the Cavs this season and beyond are looking very bleak. 

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