Chopping It Up With Anthony Davis During NBA All-Star Weekend

Los Angeles — NBA All-Star weekend is a time to not only reflect on the utter beauty of the game, but to pay homage to the most remarkable and extraordinary talents that grace the courts today.

We caught up with the dude that many consider to be the future of the NBA funk, the New Orleans Pelicans exceptional big man Anthony Davis, a five-time All-Star at the mere age of 24 who’s averaging 27.4 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks per game this year.

Anthony Davis 2018 All-Star Starter | Best Highlights 2017-2018

Anthony Davis, Pelicans (5th All-Star selection): Davis, who scored a record 52 points in last year’s All-Star Game, has passed Chris Paul for the most All-Star selections in Pelicans history. Davis joins Cousins to give New Orleans two All-Star starters for the first time.

The 2016-17 All-Star Game MVP gave us some insight on why this year’s game will be more competitive than in year’s past, his dreams of a signature shoe, what music he’s listening to right now, and more.

Here’s what he had to say.


“I think this year’s All-Star Game will be more competitive than last year. People have been saying that the game is boring, that they don’t like watching it now. I think this new format is gonna bring more competition to the game and it’s gonna be a lot more fun.

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The downtime we have to catch up with everybody is a cool part of All-Star weekend. The most important thing is interacting with the fans and the community service projects, and getting this time to relax and be around some of your colleagues. It’s always fun to go out and play with different guys throughout the league and just compete.

Each one of my All-Star appearances has its own special moments. It’s always humbling to be an All-Star, no matter if it’s your fifth, first or fourteenth time. The new format has added some electricity for sure. I think the approach to the game is gonna be a little bit different. It’s not going to be as high-scoring as usual. There’s gonna be a lot of defense, a lot of talking and getting back in transition, all that stuff. The money went up and we’re playing for charities now, so all of that stuff is gonna be a factor.

I try to take pieces from everybody’s game, like Steph’s shooting, LeBron’s passing and DeMar DeRozan’s mid-range game.

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I’m talking with Nike right now and we’re trying to put something together in terms of a signature shoe line. That’s always been my dream, to have your own shoe, to see people rocking your shoe. I’m excited for when that time happens.

The guy I liked to watch growing up was Kevin Garnett. I liked the way he played and the way he battled on both ends of the floor.

Music-wise, I listen to Hip Hop and R&B – J. Cole, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne. I just got on to G-Eazy, he’s one of my favorite artists right now. My all-time favorites are Biggie and Jay Z.”

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