Chiefs Are Above .500 For The First Time Since Week 1, But Talking Heads Still Want You To Believe Patrick Mahomes Is The Problem

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Green Bay Packers 13-7 on Sunday, Nov. 7, to improve to 5-4 and a game above .500 for the first time since Week 1. Despite that, the talking heads are still convinced MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the problem.

ESPN analyst Ryan Clark said today, Nov. 8, on “Get Up” that Mahomes is “broken.” Broken.

My how the mighty have fallen. The Chiefs and Mahomes, once the darlings of the NFL and the heir apparents, are now broken and whatever other inflammatory word people want to use.

This has not been a good season (nine games) for Mahomes and the Chiefs according to the lofty standards they set the past three seasons.

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Since Mahomes was named the starter in 2018 the Chiefs have advanced to two Super Bowls, winning one. In three years as a starter Mahomes earliest playoff exit was the AFC Championship. He’s a three-time Pro-Bowl quarterback, two-time All-Pro, an MVP, and Offensive Player of the Year.

There are hundreds of NFL quarterbacks that have never sniffed that type of success in their careers. Let alone in three seasons.

But to expect that time of success to sustain itself year after year is absurd. This is the NFL, where the goal of the league is parity. Yes, the New England Patriots defied that for years. They were the exception, not the rule.

Plus, they had the greatest winning quarterback of all time in Tom Brady.

It’s easy to see how Chiefs fans thought Mahomes was Brady 2.0. But this sport, unlike others, is so team and organization dependent. The Chiefs’ offensive line play has been poor, and the league knows their offense now after seeing them stunt on highlights for the last three seasons.

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Still, the talking heads remain steadfast in their belief that the Chiefs have a Mahomes problem. FS1 analyst Greg Jennings says Mahomes has become the Chiefs’ “greatest weakness.”

Quarterbacks receive far too much credit for wins and often too much blame for losses. But that’s the nature of the job. Our brains like binaries. It has to be someone’s fault, and fans want to scream and yell after every loss.

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A Chiefs fan started a petition a few weeks ago to bench Mahomes due to his poor play. The petition was clearly a joke, as the solution to the Chiefs’ problem was outlined as follows:

“What is the solution?” You might ask. The only solution that I see fit is to bench Patrick Mahomes. It’s time to look to the future: Chad Henne. He is more than able and can bring this team back to glory.

Henne is 36-years-old and primarily a backup throughout his career. He is nowhere near the talent of Mahomes. Despite the obvious joke, almost 1,000 fans have signed.

At 5-4 the Chiefs’ season is far from over. They could go on a run to end the season, and hit their stride in time to be the feared juggernaut come playoffs. It’s possible.

Mahomes could just be in a funk, and maybe some minor nicks and injuries have taken their toll, and he needs a little rest.

They have the bye week coming in Week 12 after games against the Raiders and Cowboys. If they head into the bye 6-5 or 7-4, look out.


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