Chief Keef’s Son Is “Ballin'” | Chicago Rapper Watches Baby Boy Hit A Game-Winning Shot

It’s pretty obvious that stars breed stars, and there are tons of athletes, entertainers, and overall celebrities whose children are destined to become stars in their own right, and the leaders of the new school in whatever they choose. 

Chief Keef’s Son Is A Child Basketball Prodigy?

While this may be a reach because of how old he is, Krue Cozart, the 8-year-old son of legendary Chicago rapper Chief Keef is definitely doing some spectacular things right now on the basketball court. 

On Saturday, My Mixtapez tweeted out that Krue had hit a game-winner in his basketball game.

Krue Cozart Hits Game-Winning Shot 

In the video, it’s clear that the 8-year-old had traveled and taken one too many steps before shooting, but things like that probably don’t get called as often in a youth basketball league such as that. More importantly, Krue pulled up just outside the right wing of the three-point line and the ball rolled around the rim slightly before falling through the hoop. 

An ecstatic Krue paraded around the court in triumph celebrating his buzzer-beater/game-winner shot to lift his team over their opponents. As he ran around the court he was flocked by his teammates while also being hyped up by a grown man who could possibly be the team’s coach. 

While he may need to get his dribbles right and eliminate the travels as he moves up in age, his shot is water. Surely, basketball at a more competitive level should be in the back of his mind as he gets older, but for now, he’s a young baller who won a game for his team in the dying seconds of the game. It shows character. 

Chief Keef’s Real Name Is Keith Cozart: New Album Coming

Though Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, couldn’t be reached for comment after his son’s game-winner, he’s almost certainly extremely proud of his young assassin on the court. 

Meanwhile, Chief Keef has been hard at work balling in the studio. He was featured on a few songs from rapper Trippie Red’s latest album “MANSION MUZIK,” and also featured on a bunch of other songs in 2022. 

But what’s big for Chief Keef is that he has a full-length album coming out in April this year called “Almighty So 2,” a sequel to his 2013 album “Almighty So”. 

Chief Keef is already viewed as one of the most influential hip-hop artists of all time. Some claim that he created the violent and widely spread subgenre known as trap music. Meanwhile, others contest that he just pioneered it and gave the world some of the hardest trap songs while doing so. He took off in the early 2010s with songs such as “Don’t Like,” “Faneto,” Bang,” “Love Sosa,” and plenty of other trap anthems. 

These songs coincided with the heavy violence he, his peers, and local rivals were all embroiled in for a many years. With the concoction of violence going on in the southside of Chicago, and the intense violent trap music with plenty of disses and bars aimed at their enemies, the music blew up quickly with the whole world watching. 

Death Music Fuels Chicago’s Murder Rate 

Chief Keef and other Chicago artists such as Lil Durk, King Von, and G Herbo all had a meteoric rise to fame. But while these songs and lyrics glorified violence, gangs, drugs, and hatred, there was plenty of loss on all sides of the gang wars in Chicago. All of the aforementioned artists have lost someone close, and one of those artists, King Von, was unfortunately killed in 2020. 

While they all led dangerous lives, even while subsequently becoming famous and rich from their music, most of these rappers eventually made it out of their dangerous cities and are doing very well for themselves and their families. Chief Keef can say the same, because instead of dealing with daily violence, he’s dropping albums, and his son is hitting game-winners.

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