Cee Lo And Goodie Mob To Star In New TBS Series

There are few artists, if not people, who have had a more interesting career arc than Cee Lo. Starts out as a member of the legendary Goodie Mob, receives media props because of his immense lyrical talents, releases a couple of critically-acclaimed but commercially ignored albums, forms Gnarls Barkley, becomes star, releases another album and becomes a superstar and finally, joins a singing completion show and becomes a mega-star.

It would be unbelievable if this was a movie, and be relegated to the “almost seems too good to be true” category. Now that he’s firmly established, he bringing his old group back together, and their reunion will form the basis of a new TBS reality show.

Read more at The Hollywood Reporter:

The Turner cable network has given a six-episode series order to an unscripted series featuring Green, it was announced Friday morning. The Cee Lo Life(working title) is expected to premiere in 2014.

The series will follow Green as he tackles a packed schedule of producing, recording and performing that includes a partnership with best friends Big Gipp, Khujo and T-Mo as they prepare to bring their hip-hop group Goodie Mob back to the stage.


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