Caron Butler Weighs In On Critics Of Jimmy Butler’s Dramatic Hairstyle: “It Looks Good On Him. I Think He’s Creating A Trend.”

Critics of Jimmy Butler’s decision to get faux dreadlocks are still alive, and his assistant coach of the Miami Heat, Caron Butler, has an opinion about it. The 2011 NBA champion and former two-time All-Star pivoted from Butler’s widespread shock and awe at the player’s coiffure decision.

“It’s so crazy because I saw he was trending on social media like Jimmy got hair. It didn’t dawn on me; I was like, he got twisties or whatever,” Butler said on the “PRITTY Left Hook” podcast. “I went to the arena, and I passed him; he was just leaving or working out, so I was like, ‘Oh, you got like hair, hair, like a lot of hair.'”

Back in late July, the Miami Heat forward got hair extensions for men, making one of the loudest style statements in the NBA. Butler took to Instagram to showcase a hair appointment that started as a normal de-braiding, wash, and moisturizing to get ready for a rebraiding until it wasn’t.

Replete with Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” instrumental in the background, the swivel chair holding Butler revealed a new braid that morphed into longer locs with blond tips and ultimately a man bun atop as the finisher move.

“But I mean, sh*t, it looks good on him, man, and I think he’s creating a trend because that’s another thing like back in the ’80s and ’90s, people were like, ‘Hey, man, you got to grow it,’ but he created a trend. I’ve seen more and more people do it just because he’s rocking it and rocking it confidently, and it look good on him.”

Black Twitter blacked out on Jimmy with a mix of jokes, confusion, and general WTF. Sports imitates cultural figures reasonably often, and recording artists like Fetty Wap set trends with their loc extensions. Jimmy Buckets, a six-time All-Star, is attempting to create a new movement in the league, and he appropriately went from the salon chair to the court and filmed himself dropping shots with his unique style.

In true Jimmy fashion, he did another post when he announced the style and added another track, “Left, Right, Left” by Drama, with the subtle fall-in-line military energy.

His teammate Kyle Lowry spoke about his thoughts about the hairstyle during his appearance on ESPN’s “The VC Show” with Vince Carter, saying he talked to him about it.

“My man, my dawg, my brother,” Lowry said to Butler. “I talked to him on FaceTime on Tuesday and I was just like ‘What the f***?! You got dreads?’ Jimmy’s going to do whatever the f**k Jimmy wants to do.”

When Tyler Herro said he liked Butler’s new look on YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul’s podcast, the social media star challenged Butler to keep the look.

“It’s awesome, I love it,” Herro said.

“I think its fire. Yo, Jimmy. I’ll pay you $250,000 if you rock that hair the whole season,” Paul challenged him. “That’s probably not a lot to him.”

The jury is still out on Jimmy Butler’s style, but it is still a hot topic for those seeking a change to their athletic brand.

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