Carmelo Anthony Is At Total Peace

Carmelo Anthony is looking more like a cross between Che Guevara and a Rastafarian everyday. At a time when he should be losing hair from sleepless nights, anticipation and desperation as he tries to find a final destination to pursue a championship, Melo is chilling. Hes like, “eff it. It is what it is.” 

He looked at the chess board and hes tried to make a couple of power moves, but none of them have panned out. His biggest strong arm was getting the Knicks to clean the cupboard for his arrival and sticking them up for mad loot. There were a few shining moments, but nothing that supersedes the putrid overall results and exasperating way that his Knicks career is ending. 

Speaking to reporters at the The Basketball Tournament’s Day of Giving in Baltimore, Anthony said he has not met with the Knicks about his future with the team and that he is at peace with his current situation. 

Stephen A. Smith On Carmelo Anthony Says He Is “At Peace” With Current Situation

Stephen A. Smith On Carmelo Anthony Says He Is “At Peace” With Current Situation

Anthony spent Wednesday morning with civic members from the community, including Mayor Catherine Pugh, meeting with children as groups of volunteers cleaned a park and hosted a job fair. Anthony received the Medal of Honor from Pugh for his service to Baltimore. He called the honor more important than any of his three Olympic gold medals, which he once said means as much to him as winning an NBA championship. He let us know back in August of 2016 how he felt about rings at this point. On Wednesday, he wasn’t interested in repeating himself. 

“This community is what made me who I am today,” Anthony said. “… What we’re trying to do here, what we’re trying to build, what we’re trying to create, is so much bigger than the negativity that you guys see or you guys here or you guys read about our city.”

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Carmelo Anthony returns home to Baltimore ‘at peace’ with himself

From the looks of things, Melo doesnt really give a damn anymore. Hes so fed up with the situation at MSG and his inability to force a trade to a contender that hes comfortable being a basketball hero, a great NBA scorer, a community activist and a father. The thirst for an NBA Championship just isnt there anymore. He tapped out. I don’t think he even has the drive anymore. He’s played meaningless NBA ball for so long that his zest for carrying a club and bearing the brunt of the criticism and adulation is gone. 

As a kid from Baltimore via Brooklyn who grew up humbly, he’s already beat the game. He turned over the game. If you remove the sheer competitive element and the personal feelings, its easy to see how he can concede his legacy to the label of “talented loser.”

It’s not fair, because he’s so much more than that, but compared to his contemporaries and players who have received his money and props, Melo has come up short and he knows there’s no quick fix to rectifying a career of missed opportunities. 

Hes just going to enjoy his money and rid himself of those championship pipe dreams which are far-fetched even if he leaves the Knicks. Melo has Zen that has calmed his soul but leaves the fans of New York starving for a taste of that peace that Melo has found. Starving for a championship and searching for another false hero to invest their basketball hearts in. 

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