Cam Newton’s Heroics In Philly Went Beyond The Stats

He sent an emphatic message to the players, fans and, media with his performance on Sunday: “Don’t count me out.”

The Philadelphia Eagles had a 17-0 lead on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and then Cam Newton reestablished himself as one of the game’s clutch superstars. The human highlight film remains a rare one-man wrecking crew and reminded the NFL world of his game-changing abilities by leading the Panthers to 21 unanswered points and the win.

His fourth-down completion on 4th and 10 with less than two minutes left and the Panthers trailing 17-14 epitomizes the value of Cam. While most quarterbacks would have succumbed to the pocket pressure, Cam used his strength to get an ugly pass out that landed in the hands of Torrey Smith for a 35-yard gain.

Then a few plays later on third-and-goal Cam hit old reliable Greg Olson in the back of the end zone for the 21-17 win.

Carolina Panthers on Twitter

Welcome back Mr. Reliable!

“Pardon my English, but it was a shitty throw the play before. I knew I had to come back and put my team in the best situation possible,” Cam told reporters after the game.

Carolina Panthers on Twitter

Cam Newton is at the podium.

You still hear the whispers and the doubts involving Cam Newton, who has been the most important player in the league and franchise face of Panthers since throwing for a rookie-record 4,051 yards.  His body has taken too much of a beating and he’s lost a step. It’s hyperbole. He still remains a record-breaker.

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Record breaking rally ?

Critics say he’ll never get back to a Super Bowl. Former Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin’s criticism of Newton’s passing ability in August was damning. And some folks ran with it.

He’s been labeled a sexist and criticized for his support of former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson who sold the team last season amidst accusations that he created a predatorial culture for women.

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Nice recovery Cam ?

Through it all, Cam keeps a smile on his face and continues to be a pillar in the community, a revered role model and inspiration to kids. He just doesn’t brag about his humanitarian work. That part of his life isn’t entertainment. It’s his commitment to using his superstar status to improve the lives of others.

Matt Williams on Twitter

People wiser than me have told me what matters the most is what you do when no one is watching. Well @CameronNewton I just watched you handing out clothes and pizzas to the homeless. No cameras, no press. Never been more proud to call you our QB. #respect

But if you want to talk numbers, he’s still in the company of icons.

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UPDATE Most total TDs through first eight seasons: Peyton Manning – 253 Dan Marino – 246 Cam Newton – 227 Brett Favre – 224

His 269 yards passing, 49 yards rushing and 2 TDs on Sunday don’t tell the entire story.

The win kept the Panthers from falling to .500 and keeps them 1 game behind New Orleans for first place in the NFC South. It was an emphatic message to the players across the league, the fans and especially the media’s talking heads who devalue him as a leader and talent; “Don’t count me out.”

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